Sasha Ferré

Biofilm (Pink), 2020

Acrylic paint, oil pastel, oil stick, Himalayan salt on canvas

Painting105 x 85 x 4cmShips from France


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About the Artist

Sasha Ferré (b.1985, France) is a contemporary visual artist whose practice investigates the deeply entangled nature of the living world. Her studio is an eco-system, an earthly biome, with paintings as organisms, growing like lichen, feeding and contaminating one another. Sasha’s paintings are biofilms, living membranes, open systems, critical zones, telluric murmuration. She is interested in how painting, as an embodied practice, can participate in a new perspective on the living world. Especially how the notion of landscape can be reinvented by considering the environment not as a fixed reality outside of us, but as a site of active participation, as a complex relational system and highly material network. Sasha lives and works in Paris, France.

About the Artwork

In this series of paintings, there is this notion of a highly material process taking place. Some of these paintings suggest translucent intersecting membranes, caught in a sort of growth process. Another one suggests the materiality of a tree bark, some sort of Terraforming phenomenon. All of them suggest this idea of a meta-organism made of many different ones involved in a relational system. They hint at the vegetal-mineral world, the common materiality of the living world beyond the human/non-human categories. The fact that they are all on unstretched canvas increases their physical presence. They resist being categorized as images, but rather invite the viewer to pay attention to their materiality, what they’re made of.