Adrian Kay Wong

Between The Sky And Chair, 2020

Oil on canvas

Painting122 x 91.5 x 2cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Adrian Kay Wong (b. 1991, USA) is a visual artist working primarily in painting, with involvement in installations, murals, and other disciplines. Adrian's work depicts figures and settings in a minimalistic manner, developing visual systems in his image-making method. This involves a compositionally focused approach, abstraction of forms, repetition of shapes, and controlled color decisions. His work is also characterized by a subversion of depth through a flattening and segmentation of surface. His subject-matter pertains to the ordinary environments of the everyday, examining more subtle dynamics that are often considered sedentary, overlooked, or sentimental. Adrian lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. To request additional works please contact

About the Artwork

Between The Sky And Chair portrays the relationship between visual motifs and their narrative implications that is inherent in my work. Not only does the title refer, literally, to the figure positioned between the view of the sky through the window and the silhouette form of the chair, but also poignantly alludes to the current time where a palpable tension exists in how we perceive “inside” and “outside”. This heightened awareness of the spaces we inhabit is undoubtedly a result of the pandemic and incidences of social injustice. In the same way that a navigational experience exists in my paintings visually where one moves through the abstract shapes, colors, and values of the composition, a narrative exploration of personal stories and sentimentalities unfolds in these familiar, everyday scenes.