Ellen Macke Alström

Best utan Börda / Tiger Lost in Västerbotten – Head, 2022

Ceramic stoneware and glaze

Sculpture27 x 21 x 28cmShips from Sweden


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About the Artist

Ellen Macke Alström (b.1989, Sweden) works with stories about and out of emotions, everyday life and social structures, using a fantasy world parallel to our alleged reality to visualise them. With a foundation in drawing, her works take form in various mediums such as ceramics, textile, wood and text, using these materials as explorational tools which build up stories, taking form as scenes from a book or a play. Ellen lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.

About the Artwork

A head and two paws from the work Best Utan Börda / Tiger Lost in Västerbotten that where presented as its original state, an installation with five other pieces, at Bildmuseet in Umeå and as a smaller installation at GSA Gallery in Stockholm, both during 2022. Together the pieces create a scene about sensing the strength and vulnerability in one’s flock, surroundings and within. The inner/outer dragon-wolfs are ready to defend or cuddle, teeth, claw and fur.