Humberto Maldonado

And they were Roommates…, 2021

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas

Painting152.5 x 122 x 2cmShips from United States of America


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About the Artist

Humberto Maldonado (b.1993, US/Mexican) is a figurative painter born into a Mexican migrant family, living between Mexico and California. Their work has always been a way for me to heal from traumatic events and express moments of joy. Walking through life Humberto has found themselves at the crossroads of many different intersections. Being between a Mexican and American, a man or a woman, a brother or caretaker, and between being an optimist and pessimist. Standing in these liminal spaces, Humberto has learned to take many identities and reflect on these “in-between” identities through their work. By animating objects and painting large, simplified, round figures with bold colors, borrowing from cubism and fauvism, Humberto creates allegories from lived or seen experiences that toe the line between reality and escapism. They earned a Bachelors in Art from California State University of Stanislaus in 2019 with the Most Outstanding Student Award. They currently live and work in San Francisco, CA.

About the Artwork

And they were Roommates was inspired by my relationship with my partner Alex and our dynamic moving in together during the pandemic. In the painting, Alex is depicted working at his home-office with me encroaching on his personal space through a window. This has been our life from the beginning of the pandemic – our spaces becoming intertwined. We became closer when the world became more chaotic. Not only am I invading his space, but so are my woes and traumas. When I moved in with him I brought my issues, my traumas, my fears and my target as a person of color dating a white person. This painting was inspired by my own insecurities with moving in with a white person and I think I am constantly inspired by my insecurities, fascinations, and traumas.