Ludovica Anversa

Amata Trappola, 2019

Oil on linen

Painting130 x 100 x 4cmShips from Italy


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About the Artist

Ludovica Anversa (b. 1996, Italy) is an artist whose paintings result from a layering and erasure process that leads to a continuous redefinition of the image. The traces that emerge from scratched surfaces often coexist with sharp horizons and more defined elements; thus silhouettes and figures in ambiguous relationships are outlined, suspended between reality and fiction, live and inanimate, in a continuous contamination between different levels. Recognisable but elusive shapes recur and suggest twisted and massed bodies, fragmented between alienated atmospheres. Ludovica investigates the eventuality of a vision that oscillates between the inviting and the repulsive. Ludovica lives and works in Milan, Italy.