Lucy Ralph

A Leak In The Storm, 2018

Oil and graphite on canvas

Painting160 x 130 x 4cmShips from France


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About the Artist

Lucy Ralph (b.1994, British) is a contemporary visual artist whose subtle compositions explore the body’s delicacy and resilience, and its capacity to overcome the challenges and obstacles it encounters. Her practice draws inspiration from her personal life. At the age of 15, Lucy underwent total reconstruction and fusion of the spine which, although not disabling, has influenced many aspects of her life. This, as well as the complicated medical climate continues to spur her interest with health and its exploration through art. Lucy's work communicates aspects of her experience and traces of her memory. She illustrates the sensitivity and complexity of these memories by using fragmented, partially erased, or even entombed elements, which, at the same time, allude to an unreliable body. In a bid to take back control of her own body, the surface which Lucy works on becomes her anatomy in a symbolic medical operation in which she is performing - an act of reparation. Her work communicates personal experiences and more broadly makes us consider the healthcare challenges faced by all of us, both as individuals and as a collective society. Lucy lives and works in Paris, France.