Samson Shepheard-Walwyn

004G, 2020

Mixed media on board

Painting120 x 120 x 4cmShips from United Kingdom


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About the Artist

Samson Shepheard-Walwyn (b.1996, British) is a contemporary visual artist whose works focus on the relationship between symbolism, contemporary society, and the power of object and significance. His works explore themes of melancholy, solemness and loneliness; particularly what it means to have freedom and the constraints of isolation. Currently, the broader motif of Samson's works depict the tender feeling of a metaphorical 'homesickness' or need to return to a non-human state. Samson is also interested in the concept of the expressions, where there may be a lack of, from vapidity, openness and space. Samson lives and works in London, UK.