Available Works


Zhang Ke (b.1996, China) is a visual artist whose works explore the miracle of personal perspective. She often likens the creation of art to alchemy, extracting concepts from elements and recombining them with the use of nature held by the elements themselves. These illusions inform her series of paintings with an absurd atmosphere, believing that the unknown is the truth of A near synonym. Zhang lives and works in Beijing, China.


MA, Royal College of Art, 2019-2021

BA, Guangzhou Academic of Fine Art, 2014-2018


2021, Multi-Port Linking, Func Gallery, Shanghai, China (Group)
2021, Multi-Port Linking, Madein Gallery, Shanghai, China (Group)
2021, Vacation, Vacancy Gallery, Shanghai, China (Group)
2021, Final Not Over Again, Unit 1 Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2021, Flame is a Another Folds That Couldn’t Be Smooth Out, A 60 Art Space, Italy (Group)
2021, Room Theatre, OCAT Art Space, Shenzhen, China (Group)
2020, The Intermission, Issuing Gallery, Shenzhen, China (Group)
2020, After Intermission: Where Are We Heading?, AURA Shopping Mall, Chengdu, China (Group)
2020, On The White Wall: 20L Interior And Exterior Stable Wall Paint, Millennium Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2020, Working in Progress, Royal College of Art, London, UK (Group)
2018, The Chioce of Graduation Star, OCAT Art Space, Shenzhen, China (Group)
2018, Fondation Dynastie Tang pour l’art, A Beautiful Identity, Shanghai, China (Group)