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Xinyi Yang (b.1999) is a young painter based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Xinyi gained a bachelor of fine art from Hubei University in Wuhan in 2021. Followed with a master's degree in graphic design from Edinburgh College of Art in 2022 and began to paint after one year of graduation. 

She has been studying art theory since childhood within China's art examination-based education system. Before deciding to focus on easel painting, she explored various artistic techniques like prints, digital paintings, sculptures, embroidery, Chinese paintings, calligraphy, and others. These experiences gradually shaped her current creative style. 

After years of contemporary art study, she flexibly uses traditional art methods with contemporary theory. Her works are drenched with feelings and indescribable emotions, she releases emotions in the picture in a concrete way. As a young artist she doesn’t give up any possibility to explore her art style, Her painting mainly focuses on describing figures' eyes and faces, thorns and the feeling of disappearing boundaries. She always mixes them to express her concept of understanding of herself. “Making art is the processing to explore your authentic self.” Xinyi considers losing the boundaries to be the start of the inception of truth. 


MA, Edinburgh College of Art, 1

Private Collections

Chill Art Shop, Qingdao, China


2024 Sister hold my hand, Make space studio, London (Group)
2024 Pistil Collective,Crypt Gallery, London (Group)
2024 Outsider, Outline gallery, Edinburgh (Group)
2024 There is no time like springs, Huang contemporary, London (Group)
2024 Art On Loop Paris,Paris,France (Group)
2024 Eye to paper Vol. 2, St. Margaret’s House, Edinburgh (Group)
2024 Bloom, Outhouse gallery, London (Group)
2024 Open call Exhibition, Phony gallery, Brighton, UK (Group)
2024 Future Landscapes, Palazzo Albrizzi-Capello, Venice, Italy (Group)
2024 "Text-ure 2024" Exhibition, CICA Museum, Korea (Group)
2024 Retrospective, Gallerie V, Cambridge, UK (Group)

2023 COSMIC - Art Exhibition in London, The Holy Art, London (Group)
2023 Aya Films CineAstra Exhibition, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow (Group)
2023 Celebrating Queer Joy Art Exhibition, Edinburgh (Group)
2023 Parallax Art Fair, Kensington London
2022 D31 Graduate Show, Doncaster (Group)
2022 Master Graduation Show, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh (Group)
2022 Summer Show, Edinburgh Gallery Society, Edinburgh (Group)
2022 Maximum Tilt Show salt space Gallery Glasgow (Group)