Available Works


Tao Xian (b. 1991, China) is a contemporary artist whose works explore the changing relationship between individual and overall society as a
result of technology and digital media. Specifically, her recent paintings narrate how the idea of individual identity, sexuality and intimacy are influenced by the digital world we live in. Taking imageries of human figures, she reconfigures the image through digital devices, and find
inspirations in the occasional crashes of technological systems. In this way, she turns the visual effect of such a “glitch" into a recurring motif of her paintings, as if these paintings become malfunctioned screens. Tao lives and works in NYC, USA.


MA, Parsons, 2013-2016

BA, Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing, 2010-2013


2018, Studio Visit: Tao Xian, Sinovision English Channel

2017, Unfolding Exit- A Group Exhibition of 6 Artists, Atron

2017, Tao Damin and Tao Xian, Action Media

2017, Tao Damin and Tao Xian at Fingerprint Gallery, Hi Art

2017, Gallery 456 in Manhattan New York Hosts Asian Artists to Explore Nature and Unknown, Sinovision

2017, Chinese and Japanese Art Exhibition Debut at Gallery 456, Sing Tao Daily

2017, Chinese and Japanese Art Exhibition Debut at Gallery 456 , The China Press

2017, Chinese and Japanese Artist Join Hands to Develop Human Society, World Journal

2016, Phantom Paints - Tao Xian, Ryoto Sato, Artron

2016, Fukiage Museum of Art Presents The Unseen by Tao. Zian, CAFA Art Info

2015, Time In Portrait, Registromx


2019, Dejavu, Asian Art Platform, Singapore (Solo)
2018, Blurred Boundaries, The Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC, USA (Group)
2017, Sense Scratch, Fingerprint Gallery, Beijing, China (Solo)
2017, Phantom Pains, Gallery 456, NYC, USA (Solo)
2017, Progress Everyday, Zhuzhong Art Museum, Beijing, China (Group)
2017, Unfolding Exit, DA+ Space, Shanghai, China (Group)
2016, The Unseen, Fukiage Museum of Art, Okayama, Japan (Solo)
2016, Wavelength, Untitled Space, NYC, USA (Group)
2016, I Can Because You Do, Participant Inc., NYC, USA (Group)
2016, This Is Us, Fou Gallery, NYC, USA (Group)
2015, Pouring, Digging, Leaking, 25 East Gallery, NYC, USA (Group)
2015, Process:Concept, Industry City, NYC, USA (Group)
2014, Threshold, 25 East Gallery, NYC, USA (Group)
2013, Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition, China Arts Palace, Shanghai, China (Group)
2013, Thesis Exhibition, Central Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition Hall, Beijing, China (Group)
2012, College Students Art Fair, Poly World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall, Guangzhou, China (Group)