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Vin Vinwyn (b.1988, UK) is a visual artist whose practice explores themes of narration and story-telling through his vivid use of colour. Vim was taken on as an apprentice Signwriter, whose grounding in this age old profession from their teachings and insistence on of craft indelibly influences his artistic makeup to this day, developing a fluency in Vim's painterly instinct. The tent is a motif that Vim fins constantly surfacing from the streams of his subconscious as a stand in for the fragile nature of society. All artists are, to a greater or lesser degree conscious of the abstract elements that art is made from; line, Form, colour, Depth of field, Surface and paint quality and their relationships and organisation. But the psychic charge of including human beings and some residue or distillation of their affect on our own experience is truly exciting. Vim lives and works in London, UK.


2021, La Petit Mort du PARADIS, Art Hub, London, UK (Solo)
2014, Esp Space, Sydney, Australia (Solo)
2013, Spruked, Edinburgh Exhibition, Westend, Scotland (Group)
2012, Prize Finalist, Metro Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Group)
2011, Exhibition, Adagio Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Group)
2010, Exhibition, Adagio Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Group)
2008, Parsifal, Adagio Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Group)
2007, Faces and Places, Adagio Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Group)
2000, Glebe Art Show, Sydney, Australia (Group)