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Vasya Dmytryk (b.1991, Ukraine) is a sculptor who often works in the fields of public art, conceptual sculptures and installations. Vasya's pieces thread figuration and abstraction, they nevertheless recall classical figurative traditions across a range of cultures and historical periods. He creates sculptures primarily out of wood, metal, composites, and found objects. Vasya lives and works in Odesa, Ukraine.


BA, Grekov Odesa Art School, 2013-2016


2019, Industrial Fairytale, Museum of Modern Art of Odesa, Ukraine (Solo)
2019, Past, Future, Present, Siniy Crab, Odesa, Ukraine (Group)
2019, (SELF) IDENTIFICATION, Invogue Gallery, Odesa, Ukraine (Group)
2019, Neformat, Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odesa, Ukraine (Group)