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Ripsime (FKA as Ripsy May) is a multi-media artist, musician and filmmaker. In the last two years, her paintings alone have garnered attention from art enthusiasts and collectors alike. Independent exhibitions then quickly followed in LA, NY and Armenia (Armenian Art fair), represented by Gallery Girl in 2018. Her most recent show was self curated and took place in her hometown of London earlier this year. With gallerists and curators already championing her work internationally, this young artist is making waves in the art world and should definitely be one to watch. Ripsime lives and works in London, UK.


, UCLA, Film Course

, London School of Economics, Bsc in Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method'


2020, Ripsime, Art Scoops

2020, 10 Emerging Female Artists To Beat November Depression, The Art Gorgeous

2020, Gallery Girl Meets Ripsy May, Gallery Girl

2020, Ripsime, Music of Armenia

2020, Art of Artsakh, Art Plugged

2020, What It’s Like To Be An Artist In Quarantine, The Art Gorgeous

2020, Art in the Time of Corona, Creative Armenia


2020, New Earth Art School, Arizona Smith, Beg4Cred, London, UK (Solo)
2020, Armenian Art Auction (Protect ARTsakh), ArtScoops, London, UK (Group)
2019, Armenian Art Fair, Yerevan, Armenia (Group)