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Petra Schott (b.1953, Germany)is an abstract painter whose art revolves around states of mind, longings and memories. Petra Schott studied Fine Art at the Art Academy in Kassel between 1979 and 1982. In addition to painting, Schott also had a long career as a lawyer and judge in Germany, before dedicating herself full-time to making art in 2014 and attracting the attention of national and international galleries, art critics and collectors. Schott delicately creates colourful representations of nostalgia, freedom and human relationships. Whilst delving into the exploration of the mediums of her choice, which can range from pastel chalks, pencils, acrylics to egg tempera and oils, she also explores nature and an intangible realm in which human figures with expressively abstract facial expressions are loosely outlined. Although Schott is a right-handed woman, she paints with her left hand as a way to further connect with the left hemisphere of her brain, which is responsible for creativity and artistic intuition. Thus, the artist’s creative process begins first and foremost with exploring materiality. A strong inner urge drives the artist to a particular canvas, paper or painting medium, or even a particular colour, and she lets her intuitiveness guide her. The selection of colour is another important aspect in Schott’s work as it gives her the opportunity to explore a particular moment, feeling or connection. Her paintings can sometimes take weeks or even months to complete as she imprints on the canvas shapes, marks and lines found in her everyday life, transforming them into an abstract language of painting that oscillates between lyrical abstraction and figurative references. Highly influenced by works of Cy Twombly, Leiko Ikemura, Joan Mitchell, Marlène Dumas, Elisabeth Cummings, and Henri Matisse, the artist’s work is emotionally charged and in direct dialogue with the viewer who is invited into an open space for expression. Petra Schott regularly exhibits nationally and internationally, with solo and group shows in Germany, Spain, Italy, Finland, and Czech Republic. Petra lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany.


BFA, Fine Art Kassel, 1979-1982


2022, Main Art Fair, Aschaffenburg, Germany (Group)
2022, Kurswechsel, Eulengasse Art Association (Group)
2022, New Works During Covid, Art Association Offenbach, Germany (Group)
2021, Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurter Messehalle, Germany (Group)
2021, Nebbiensches Gartenhaus, Frankfurt Artist Association, Frankfurt, Germany (Solo)
2021, We Contemporary, Musa Art Space, Salmgasse Foundation Vienna, Austria (Group)
2021, And Now, Back to our Regularly Scheduled Programming, Azaro Art Spaces, Brooktorkai 20, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2020, Galleria Kookos, Helsinki, Finland (Group)
2020, Kunstraum Eulengasse, Frankfurt, Germany (Solo)
2020, Remisengalerie Schloss Hanau, Germany (Solo)
2019, MusaArt Space, Zennobio, Venice, Italy (Group)
2019, Participation at the Event, Kunstansichten, Offenbach, Germany (Group)
2019, Exhibition, Kunstverein Offenbach, Germany (Group)
2019, Bienenale, Genova, Italy (Group)
2019, ArtMuc Art Fair, Praterinsel, Munich, Germany (Group)
2018, Exhibition, German Professional Artists Organisation, BBK, Paulskirche, Frankfurt, Germany (Group)
2018, Frankfurter Künstlerclub, Open Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia (Group)
2018, Sommeratelier EBAK, German Professional Artists Organisation Gallery, BBK, Germany (Group)
2018, Frankfurter Künstlerclub, Barock gardens Vrtba Gallery, Karmelitská 25, Prague, Czech Republic (Group)
2018, Menschwerk Art Fair, Aschaffenburg, Germany (Group)
2018, Luminale Urban Growing, Frankfurt, Offenbach, Germany (Group)
2018, Frankfurt-Prag-Bratislava, Nebbienschen Gartenhaus, Frankfurt, Germany (Group)
2017, Szenenwechsel, Gallery Brücke54, Frankfurt, Germany (Group)
2017, Exhibition, Nebbienschen Gartenhaus, Germany (Group)
2017, Kunstansichten, Offenbach, Germany (Group)