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Narek Barseghyan (b.1993, Armenia) is an artist living and working in Yerevan, Armenia. He graduated from Armenia’s Academy of Fine Arts in 2015, where he was classically trained in the department of painting. In 2016, he was awarded the distinguished Presidential Youth Prize for painting regarding his series “Identity”. Among his influencers are artists Rembrandt, Schiele, Munch, Bacon, and Basquiat. Though his works remain figural, his recent years have seen a movement away from realistic representation, in which space and perspective are abstracted or removed altogether. Often incorporating multilingual stream-of consciousness text, vivid colors, glitter, and imagery from Yerevan street culture, his painting and digital oeuvre are reminiscent of Pop art movements in their collage-like compositions and incorporation of popular culture. Recently, Barseghyan has been exploring three dimensional constructions through fashion collaborations (Leather Show 2018), mask-making (Monsters-ROT, 2018), installation (Urvakan 2019), as well as digital representation (Children’s Games, 2019-2020).


BFA, Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts, 2013-2017

BA, State Fine Arts College After Panos Terlemezyan, 2009-2013


2019, Exhibition, Urvakan Festival, Armenia (Group)
2018, HAYP 12 12 12: Retrospective, HAYP Pop Up Gallery at the
Barekamutyun Metro Station, Armenia (Group)
2018, Dare to Wear, Yerevan Armenia (Group)
2018, Roadmaps, Honeypump Gallery, AGBU Armenia (Group)
2018, The Leather Show, AYP Pop Up Gallery, Mergelian Institute, Armenia Art Fair, Armenia (Solo)
2017, DOWN_Shift, HAYP Pop Up Gallery, Northern Avenue (Group)
2016, Untitled: Exhibition of works by Narek Barseghyan, AGBU Exhibitions, Yerevan, Armenia (Group)