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Muriel Jaouich (b.1970, Canada) is a Canadian artist of Armenian, Egyptian and Lebanese descent. Her practice is research-based, and spans painting and drawing, with current research focused on genealogy, intergenerational trauma and historical violence. This has led Muriel to the Armenian genocide, which is an inherited trauma from her ancestors. By addressing the genocide, as a survivor descendant, Muriel aims to investigate the ambiguous political position of the Armenian genocide. Can it have the ability to enable a secondary witnessing, an empathic experience of muted trauma? Can it be a coherent form to remediate memory? Muriel's pictorial work presents sensory and psychological impressions in a crude, fast, and intuitive style. Figures, shapes and forms reflect violence, creation and destruction, a complex and gut-level vision of power imbalances. She likens this genocide to a burden, with an inability to escape from it. By engaging with the past, its spectres are brought into the present through my work. As the diaspora knows why it has been born away from its homeland, this longing, and deep loss has surfaced in my work, symbolizing an attachment that has not been resolved. Muriel Ahmarani Jaouich is currently living and working in the unceded indigenous lands of Tiohtià:ke, Montreal, QC, Canada.


MFA, Concordia University, 2020-2024

BFA, Concordia University, 2018-2020


2020, Art From Isolation, Document Journal

2016, Meditation & the Creative Process, UQAM

2015, YIARA, Feminist Art Publication


2021, Rad Hourani Gallery, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Solo)
2021, Fondation du Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal, Benefit Virtual Auction, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2021, AucArt Auction House for Emerging Artist, Virtual auction, London, UK (Group)
2020, Food & Nature, Rad Hourani Gallery, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2020, Salon des Refusés, McBride Contemporain, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2019, I Need Roots, Espace Mile-End, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Solo)
2017, De Babylone à Teta Rose, Erga Gallery, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Solo)
2016, #15, VAV Gallery, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2016, The Body: Religious and Sacrilegious, Art Matters, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2015, Salonesque, MAI Montreal, Montréal Arts Interculturels, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2015, Yiara Magazine Launch, Glass Door Gallery, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2014, DWELL, VAV Gallery, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2012, ARTSIDA, Galerie Dentaire & MAC de Montréal, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2012, Presence at 615 Champagneur, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)
2011, Drawings, The Sketchbook, Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2010, Emerging Middle Eastern Women Artists, Gallery MEKIC, Montréal, Quebec, Canada (Group)