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Milla Vaahtera (b. 1981, Finland) is a Finnish artist and furniture designer whose works explore the interfaces of sculpture and design. The themes of her work as an artist are appropriations of space, emotions and sexuality. Milla lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.


MA, Aalto University, 2008-2010

BA, Lahti Insitute of Design, 2004-2008


2018, Milla Vaahtera- Dialogue, Design Museum Finland

2019, Is The Future Of Finnish Glass Art Female?, Nordic Design Trace


2019, Én Hats et Mobiles, Helsinki Design Week, Finland (Group)
2019, Habitare, UU Market, Helsinki, Finland (Group)
2019, Chart Art Fair, Oslo Plads 1, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2019, Cross Overs, London Design Fair, London, UK (Group)
2019, The Summer Kiosk, Annankatu 11, Finland (Group)
2019, Why Not, Nuutajärvi Glass Village, Finland (Group)
2019, Dialogi, Mina Perhonen, Tokyo, Japan (Group)
2019, Makers Of Now, Iittala & Arabia Design Centre, Helsinki, Finland (Group)
2018, Dialogue, Design Museum Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (Group)
2018, Grand Prix, Habitare, Helsinki, Finland (Group)
2018, Sexuality & Body Image, Kalleria Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (Solo)