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Maya Bloch (b.1978, Israel) is a contemporary artist whose practice explores the manipulation of medium, allowing a products materiality to lead and guide her practice. Maya paints figures based on strangers’ family photographs, but the term ‘portrait’ doesn’t quite apply to her depictions of out-of-context, abstracted faces and bodies that seems to morph into formlessness. Working in acrylic, Bloch is known for flat, color-saturated, ghostly subjects that have been described as painterly with a photographic sheen and compared to the dehumanized figures of Marlene Dumas and Francis Bacon. Maya lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.


MA, Tel Aviv University, 2001-2004

BA, Tel Aviv University, 1999-2001


2020, Sleeping Woman, Maya Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Solo)
2018, Table Manners, The Genia Schreiber University Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2017, Anybody Out There, Thierry Goldberg Gallery, NY, USA (Solo)
2016, Life Goes On Without Me, Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin, Germany (Solo)
2015, You don't bring me flowers, 68projects, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2014, Feels like Home, Thierry Goldberg Gallery, NY, USA (Solo)
2013, Here You Are, Thierry Goldberg Gallery, NY, USA (Solo)
2013, The Rothfeld Collection, American University Museum, Washington DC, USA (Group)
2013, CHICKEN OR BEEF?, The Hole, NYC, USA (Group)
2012, This Isn’t Happening, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (Solo)
2012, Art Los Angeles Contemporary with Thierry Goldberg, Santa Monica, California, USA (Solo)
2012, Dorian Gray, SecondGuest Gallery, NY, USA (Group)
2012, Facial Expressionism: Immanence Envisaged, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (Group)
2011, Hello Stranger, Thierry Goldberg Projects, New York, NY, USA (Solo)
2011, Artis at NADA Art Fair, Miami Beach, USA (Group)
2011, Solar Eclipse, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2011, Abdominal Pain, ST-art residence, Jaffa, Israel (Group)
2011, Shesh-Besh, Petach-Tikva Museum, Petach Tikva, Israel (Group)
2010, Waiting Room, Thierry Goldberg Projects, NY (Solo)
2010, Traces, The 4th Drawing Biennial, Artists' House, Jerusalem (Group)
2010, Escape Artist, Here Art Gallery, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2010, Girls Just Want to Have Funds, PPOW Gallery, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2010, Batsheva’s Studio, Marlborough Gallery, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2010, Restart, Tavi Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2010, Start 2, ST-ART Residence, Jaffa, Israel (Group)
2010, Daylight, the Nechushtan Complex, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2009, Anna Veronica, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa, Israel (Solo)
2009, A Hard Day’s Night, Contemporary Golconda Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2009, Lo – Li – Ta, Office in Tel Aviv Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2009, Narcissus’s reflections, P8 gallery, Jaffa, Israel (Group)
2008,Maya Bloch, Tavi Dresdner Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Solo)
2008,Mr. Guskin, Balcony, Art TLV 08, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2008,White, project room, Tavi Dresdner Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2008,Educated, HAKITA Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2008,Connected Unconscious, the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), NY, USA (Group)