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Mark Barnett (b. 1995, UK) is a British artist whose multi-disciplinary practice explores strong theoretical interests in a diverse array of philosophical discourses. Mark's intuitive process focuses on the expressive gestural impetus of mixed-media and paint manipulated by the use of his entire body. Each brush stroke aims to manifest the corporeal body-subject le corps propre, into physical and artistic action. Thus arriving in an intuitive revelation of the ontological, simultaneous existence of the spatial-temporal manifestness of being-in-the-world. Mark lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland


BA, Edinburgh College of Art, 2015-2018


2018, Rift, Edinburgh White Space Gallery, Scotland (Group)
2018, Art And Design Degree Show, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland (Group)
2017, After The Storm, Edinburgh Royal Botanic Garden, Scotland (Group)
2016, Earth, Landscape, and Ecology, Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, Canada (Group)
2016, Third Year Exhibition, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland (Group)