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Marit Geraldine Bostad (1976, Norway) is an abstract expressionist painter. Her works represent inner journeys into her subconscious with the intention to erase the line between the conscious and subconscious. As a result, the canvas evolves into the tangible manifestation of her inner psyche. Memory and people are the themes from which she draws inspiration, and colours are the medium to transpose their essence on the canvas. Marit Geraldine pushes the Nordic colour tradition in a bold direction, blending tone to tone pastels with sparks of fluorescent. Through her paintings she expresses universal archetypes that transcend the particular conditions of her own life, setting the scene for the audience’s unique interpretations. Through a series of paintings on canvas, Marit Geraldine investigates the themes that are central to her artistic research, the inner psyche, memories and human interaction. She blends her colours by pouring paint directly onto the canvas using a variety of tools, seldom using the paintbrush - to create diverse, versatile effects with broad expressive strokes. Marit Geraldine lives and works in Horten, Norway.


BA, Westerdals Commercial School of Arts, 1998-2001

BA, University of Oslo, 1995-1996

Private Collections

ESKFF - Eileen S Kaminsky Family Foundation, New Jersey, NYC
Rangel Collection, London
Holtmann Collection, Hannover Germany
Høyem Helset Collection, Oslo Norway
Aarestrup Collection, Oslo Norway
Winther Collection, Hokksund Norway


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2021, Vinter og Vår, Gulden Kunstverk, Norway (Group)
2021, Look Back Look Forward, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, NYC (Group)
2021, Hope Island, Gulden Kunstverk, Norway (Solo)
2020, Fragile Beauty, The Whisper Gallery, UK (Solo)
2020, Nordic Breeze, Daniel Raphael Gallery, London, UK (Solo)
2020, Start Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2020, Shortlist Exhibition Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize, London, UK (Group)
2020, Abstractly Speaking: Six + One, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art NYC, USA (Group)
2020, Kunst i Kirkerommet, Sentrumskirken Horten, Norway (Solo)
2020, Christmas Exhibition KHÅK Kunsthall, Ålesund, Norway (Group)
2019, Scope Art Show Miami Art Week, Art Basel, Vogelsang Gallery, Miami, USA (Group)
2019, Utspring, KHÅK Kunsthall, Norway (Solo)
2019, The Edit Dubai, Treasure Throve Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE (Group)
2019, Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, Mint Art Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2019, The Other Art Fair, London, UK (Group)
2019, Fall Group Exhibition, Artilleriverkstedet, Norway (Group)
2019, Spring Group Show, Fine Art Oslo, Norway (Group)
2019, Mana Decentralized, Mana Contemporary NYC, USA (Group)
2019, Fresh Art Fair, Young Jamieson Fine Art, UK (Group)
2019, The Originals Show, The Drang Gallery, Padstow, Cornwall, UK (Group)
2019, The Other Art Fair, London, UK (Group)
2019, International Women, 107 Bowers Gallery, NYC, USA (Group)
2019, Clio Art Fair, NYC, USA (Group)
2018, Colors from New York, Casa Vital, Altea, Spain (Solo)
2018, Christmas Exhibition, Young Jamieson Fine Art, Marlborough UK (Group)
2018, Merry X-Mas, Galleri Fineart Oslo, Norway (Group)
2018, Artist in Residence, Saatchi Art Lounge TOAF Los Angeles, USA (Group)
2018, Våre Kunstdager, Galleri Brown, Sandefjord, Norway (Group)
2018, Curators Have To Eat Too, Laguna Art Gallery, CA, USA (Group)
2018, Made in New York, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, Artsy, NYC, USA (Group)
2018, En Verano, Saatchi Art Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA (Group)
2018, Syndere Sommersol, Galleri Fine Art, Oslo, Norway (Group)
2018, The Other Art Fair, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Group)
2018, Galleri Fine Art, Oslo, Norway (Group)
2018, Offspring Spotte Art, Artsy, Online (Group)
2017, Christmas Exhibition, Vault Studios Bergen, Norway (Group)
2017, Christmas Exhibition, Galleri Fine Art, Oslo Norway (Group)
2017, Opening Show, Young Jamieson Fine Art, Wiltshire, UK (Group)
2017, The Other Art Fair, London, UK (Group)
2017, Depth Perception, Spotteart.com, NY, USA (Group)
2017, Body Electric, Madelyn Jordon Fine Art, NY, USA (Group)
2017, Smak av Sommer, Galleri Fine Art, Oslo, Norway (Group)
2017, The Other Art Fair, NYC, USA (Group)
2017, Spring Fling, Daniel Raphael Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2017, The Other Art Fair, London, UK (Group)
2017, Affordable Art Fair Milan, Gaudi Gallery, Milan, Italy (Group)
2017, Art Apart Singapore, Gaudi Gallery, Milan, Italy (Group)
2016, Lions Exhibition, Slottsfjellsmuseet Tønsberg, Norway (Group)
2016, Edinburgh Art Fair, Gaudi Gallery, Scotland (Group)
2016, POP-UP, Galleri Tinghus, Norway (Group)
2016, Embellishment of Balderklinikken, Oslo, Norway (Group)
2016, The Other Art Fair, London, UK (Group)
2015, Note to Self, G Gallery, Norway (Group)
2015, Pop-Up Exhibition, Historical Worker Buildings Karljohansvern, Norway (Group)
2015, Gatelangs, Downtown Horten, Norway (Group)
2014, Pikìlia Galleri og håndverk, Karljohansvern, Norway (Group)
2014, Come Closer, Traktern, Norway (Solo)
2011, Autumn Exhibition, Traktern, Norway (Solo)