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Lysandre Begijn (b.1977, Belgium) is a visual artist whose painterly work can be defined as abstract, this recent body of work strongly tends toward the figurative. Faces – or masks – is what instantly comes to mind. At the basis of these colourful ‘faces’ is an assemblage of abstract, flat painted forms and scraps of textile material. Some compositions have been entirely built up out of textiles. Between the draperies a play of veiling and unveiling unfolds, thus suggesting a continuous movement. Lysandre lives and works in Gent, Belgium.


BA, KASK School of Arts Gent, 2000

BA, KASK School of Arts Gent, 1996


2022, I Walk Thru Walls, Me Paints Me, Arden, USA (Group)
2022, SUSPIRIUM, MooseyArtr, Norwich, UK (Group)
2022, Sugar for the Pill, De Studio, Antwep, Belgium (Group)
2021, Let’s Connect, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
2021, #019, Taroteditions, Ghent, Belgium (Group)
2021, NAFTFEST, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium (Group)
2021, Collectie De Groen, Arnhem, Netherlands (Group)
2021, Mollify, Jollify, Ossify, Pleasure Island, Oostende, Belgium (Group)
2021, Pittypills, MooseyArt, Norwich, UK (Group)
2021, MooseyArt, Norwich, UK (Group)
2020, The 4 Gate Connection, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent, Belgium (Group)
2020, Investec Capetown, Artfair, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Capetown, South Africa (Group)
2020, Ballroomproject, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2020, The Printproject, Plantin Moretus Museum, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2019, False Faces, DMW Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2019, BAD The Hermit Crab and the Gastropod, Tatjana Pieters Gallery, Ghent, Belgium (Group)
2019, Velvet Ropes GIFC, Nevven Gallery, Gothenborg, Sweden (Group)
2019, GIFC, Spazio Buonasera, Turin, Italy (Group)
2019, GIFC 0.0la, Los Angeles, USA (Group)
2019, GIFC Velvet Ropes, Showhouse JayJay, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2019, GIFC, The Hole NY, New York, USA (Group)
2018, GIFC Worldwide, Zero Zero Gallery, Los Angeles, USA (Group)
2018, Paper Cuts, Saatchi Gallery London, UK (Group)
2018, GIFC Worldwide, L’Inconue, Montreal, Canada (Group)
2018, GIFC Worldwide, Atlanta Contemporary, USA (Group)
2018, Exhibition, Salon Blanc Ostend, Belgium (Group)
2018, The Grid, 252 CC Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2018, Sundays, #019 Ghent, Belgium (Group)
2018, GIFC Worldwide, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, USA (Group)
2018, GIFC Worldwide, Dateline, Denver, USA (Group)
2018, The Ball is in your Court, Showhouse Jay Jay, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2018, Got It For Cheap Worldwide, Fisher Parrish Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Group)
2018, Prospect Part III, Base Alpha, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2018, The Gathering< Panthera Today, Brussels, Belgium (Group)