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Łukasz Dziedzic (b.1977, Poland) is an audio-visual artist, musician, painter, art designer and curator. He creates videos, installations, music projects and has curated many exhibitions. Years later, he returns to the abandoned medium of painting, finding in this traditional technique the possibility of analysing irritating and uncomfortable subjects. Lukasz lives and works in Katowice & Krakow, Poland.


BA, University of Silesia in Katowice, 1999-2004


2023, Lukasz Dziedzica, Magazyn Szum

2021, Ad Maiorem Poloniae Gloriam, Magazyn Szum


2023, Everything I Feel, MOS Gorzow, Poland (Solo)
2021, Ad Maiorem Poloniae Gloriam, CSW Kronika, Bytom, Poland (Solo)
2021, Mad Masters, Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery 12, Cieszyn, Poland (Solo)
2021, Guilty Pleasure, Rondo Sztuki Gallery, Katowice, Poland (Group)
2019, Home Works, WYKWIT, Wroclaw, Poland (Group)
2019, Performance, Fotokoncert #1: Rafał Milach, Łukasz Dziedzic, Studio Theatre, Warsaw, Poland (Group)
2018, Ratcatcher, MWW Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland (Group)
2017, No Problem, Potencja Gallery, Cracow, Poland (Group)
2017, Line and Chaos, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, Poland (Group)
2016, Permeation, MWW Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, Poland (Group)
2015, What Is and What We Think Is, Szara Gallery, Cieszyn, Poland (Group)
2013, Workers Of The Artworld Unite, CSW Kronika, Bytom, Poland (Group)
2013, SALT, Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, Sweden (Group)
2012, Passage Effect, Upper Silesian Museum, Bytom, Poland (Group)
2012, Center Outside the Center, Szara Gallery, Cieszyn, Poland (Group)
2008, Śląsk Activ 3, BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, Poland (Group)
2008, Home Sweet Home, Entrance Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic (Group)
2007, Border Crossing, Wrexham Arts Centre & Gallery 103, UK (Group)
2007, Supermarket of Art International Biennale, (Im)mortal Love, Warsaw, Poland (Group)
2006, Interieur, Municipal Gallery Arsenał, Poznań, Poland (Group)
2006, Evocations of Space, 6th Polish Print Triennial in Katowice Silesian Museum, Katowice, Poland (Group)
2006, Exploring Reality, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden (Group)
2005, Young Polish Art, All Husset, Stockholm, Sweden (Group)
2005, Szara Warehouse, New Horizonts Festival, Cieszyn, Szara Gallery, Poland (Group)