Available Works


Ludovica Anversa (b. 1996, Italy) is an artist whose paintings result from a layering and erasure process that leads to a continuous redefinition of the image. The traces that emerge from scratched surfaces often coexist with sharp horizons and more defined elements; thus silhouettes and figures in ambiguous relationships are outlined, suspended between reality and fiction, live and inanimate, in a continuous contamination between different levels. Recognisable but elusive shapes recur and suggest twisted and massed bodies, fragmented between alienated atmospheres. Ludovica investigates the eventuality of a vision that oscillates between the inviting and the repulsive. Ludovica lives and works in Milan, Italy.


BA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, 2015-2019


2020, Feriti Come Lucciole (II) le presenze/assenze di Ludovica Anversa, Balloon Project


2020, Art drive-in, Generali, Agenzia Generali Brescia Castello, Brescia, Italy (Group)
2020, Atomi, Giorgio Galotti c/o Motelombroso, Milan, Italy (Group)
2020, Total Recall Community Art Project for Charity, Galleria Bianconi, Milan, Italy (Group)
2020, Ora Che il Ghiaccio è Rotto Parliamo, Rouge Project Space, Milan, Italy (Group)
2019, The Wall Project No.8, Galleria Angelo della Pergola 1, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2019, Conversation Piece #3 Ludovica Anversa, Vegapunk, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2018, Chapter 2 (Autumn), Residenza la Fornace, Italy (Group) 2018, Where Plato Taught, Academiae Youth Art Biennial, Fortezza, Italy (Group)
2018, The Ultimate Boon, Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milan, Italy (Group)
2018, The Call To Adventure, Fondazione Adolfo Pini, Milan, Italy (Group)