Available Works


Lena Valenzuela is a contemporary visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. Her work narrates around human made situations which are balanced between loneliness and humorous absurd circumstances.
Her works content is based on well known stereotypes which reminds one of existing images but with an alienation that leaves an eerie twist to it. The reduction of the actual moment in the painting, to an expression or a single position only, refers to American films and comics which have been an influence of her resent serie. To request additional works please contact specialist@aucart.com


BA, Universität der Künste Berlin, 2015-2022

Diploma, University of the Arts Bremen, 2012


2019, Rundgang Exhibition, Germany (Group)
2017, After Reality, Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2020, Animation of Dead Material, Bethanien, Berlin, Germany (Group)