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Konrad Wyrebek (b. 1983, UK) is British-Polish artist whose multi-disciplinary practice encompasses video, installation, performance, sculpture, photography and painting. His process often involves the sourcing of digital video footage or still imagery, the distortion of which he then harnesses and orchestrates, resulting in works that are not only complex arrangements of form but also invitation to the viewer to question the role of technology in creation, as well as the consumption and interpretation of information. Konrad lives and works in London, UK.


MA, London Metropolitan University, 2008-2011

BA, University of Westminster, 2004-2006

Private Collections

Marieke and Pieter Sanders Collection
Mels Crouwel Collection
Hugo and Carla Brown Collection
Maria Larsson Collection
Roland Schmid Collection
Lija Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet Collection
Luuk Schotsman Collection
Patrik Šimon and Ivana Valkusová Collection
Anthony Cheung Collection
Charlie Parsons Collection
Jonathan Wilmot Collection
Robert Kupisz Collection
Beth Ditto Collection
Vaclav Dejcmar Collection
William Zhao Collection


2016, Studio Visit: Konrad Wyrebek, Elephant Magazine

2017, Meet The Artists Using Tech To Preserve Our History, Wired


2019, Naturlich, Circle Culture, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2019, Expo Chicago, Eduardo Secci Gallery, Chicago, USA (Group)
2019, Length of Blue Error, Dalston Cell Studios, London, UK (Group)
2019, Nature and Technology, Nadbuzanki National Park, Poland (Group)
2018, Beneath the Surface, Eduardo Secci, Florence, Italy (Group)
2018, Looking For U, The Unit, London, UK (Group)
2018, Slippage, Post Institute, London, UK (Group)
2018, Art Brussels, Mandos Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (Group)
2018, Politics of Pink, The Dot Project, London, UK (Group)
2018, Untitled, Art Dubai, UAE (Group)
2018, How Can We Reconnect Human Culture With Mother Nature?, Circle Culture, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2018, Untitled, Art Rotterdam, Netherlands (Group)
2017, Untitled Art Fair, Sophia Contemporary Gallery, Miami
2017, Im/material: Painting in the Digital Age, Sophia Contemporary Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2017, Art Brussels, Ron Mandos Gallery, Belgium (Group)
2017, Dallas Art Fair, Sophia Contemporary Gallery, Dallas, USA (Group)
2017, Searching For Magic And The Distorted Image Falling From Your iCloud, The Dot Project, London, UK (Group)
2016, LOUPS, Museum Cognacq- Jay, Paris, France (Group)
2016, Zero Zero, Annka Kultys Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2016, TBD, Clemens Gunzer Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland (Group)
2016, Art Brussels, Ron Mandos Gallery, Brussels, Belgium (Group)
2016, 2°C above acCLI-M8 X, Ron Mandos Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Solo)
2016, IMAGINE, Brand New Gallery, Milan, Italy (Group)
2016, Art Rotterdam, Ron Mandos Gallery, Netherlands (Group)
2015, LINK, Praz-Delavallade Gallery, Paris, France (Group)
2015, Friezewk, 10 Hanover, London, UK (Group)
2015, Art15, Art fair Kensington Olympia, London, UK (Group)
2015, The Whole is Other than the Sum of the Parts, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2015, The C Art Collection, Vittoria Broggini, Milan, Italy (Group)
2015, Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, USA (Group)
2014, Space Age, Hus Gallery, Londo, UK (Group)
2014, Video Painting In Relation, Solyanka Museum of Art, Moscow, Russia (Group)
2014, PUBLICPRIVATE, Armory Art Week, New York, USA (Group)
2013, Flesh Reality, Point Zero, London, UK (Group)
2012, Question of Sport, Royal Academy and Museum of Contemporary Art, London, UK (Group)
2012, Face/OFF, Gallery Gebr Lehmann, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2011, On Time, Art Basel Miami Beach, USA (Group)
2011, Uprising, Robert Kupisz, Warsaw, Poland (Group)
2011, Showroom, Metropolitan Works, London, UK (Group)
2011, Idea of Worship, Royal Academy and Museum of Contemporary Art, London, UK (Group)
2011, CutOut, Sothebys Institute of Art, London, UK (Group)
2010, Icons, Victoria Miro Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2010, Safe Haven, Brunswick Centre, London, UK (Group)
2010, Wicked, Hackney Wicked Art Festival, London, UK (Group)
2010, Blasphemy, Flow Valmont, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2010, Close But No Cigar, Institute for Contemporary Art, London, UK (Group)
2010, BillBored, Pollocks, London, UK (Group)
2009, ANK, Katy Dawe, London, UK (Group)
2009, Name Portable, Hales Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2009, Art Art Art Gallery, Matt Roberts Arts Foundation, London, UK (Group)
2008, Communication:Live, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2007, Empty, Da! Creative Space, London, UK (Group)
2006, Untitled, Gallery 43, London, UK (Group)
2004, PECS, International Youth Festival, Hungary (Group)