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Kim Jade Jackson (b.1975, South Africa) is a contemporary visual artist graduated with a distinction in BA FA (Hons) majoring in design at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. In 2020 Kim was chosen as one of 9 international women artists in a London exhibition ‘women to watch’. Kim has lived in South Africa and Britain but now resides in the United States. The subject matter is influenced by Kim’s duality. The design world of permanence reflects a deep interest in philosophical and esoteric themes that permeate her work. She plays with subtle innuendos to sex, recycling and the notions of use, misuse and waste. Intimacy for the future of humanity is challenged and pursued. Kim moved to London in 1998 where she worked for a decade with Kelly Hoppen as her right-hand and design director. This diverse role included styling and directing photo shoots of vast interiors around Europe as well as designing products such as furniture, fabric rugs, glassware, ceramics, and designing British Airways first-class cabins. Kim also consulted for many years as artistic director to Carrol Boyes, the iconic South African design entrepreneur. Her mother, Barbara Jackson, and sister, Martine Jackson-Klotz, are both celebrated ceramists. Kim dedicates her time to her family's philanthropic non-profit organization, Monkeybiz. She has co-produced a documentary with the National Geographic team about the women’s empowerment bead art project. Kim lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia.


BFA, University of Cape Town,