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Johanna Bath (b.1980, Germany) is profoundly interested in the experience of time and the countless moments that define our lives. Her paintings seek to crystallise these brief experiences into dreamlike images that linger between the abstract and the visible world.

"If one experiences bad moments, the passing of time is definitely helpful, according to the saying "this too shall pass". But if they are beautiful moments, they always have something bittersweet (at least in retrospect). Time is constantly slipping away, and it is impossible to store even the most beautiful moment in one's memory, because the complex experience with its range of sensory perceptions such as smell/feel/sound can never be recalled entirely."


Diploma, Hochschulefür Angewandte Wissenschaft, 2022-2007

Diploma, Bildkunst Akademie Hamburg, 1999-2002


2023, Johanna Bath, Pipeline Contemporary, London, UK (Solo)
2023, Sweet Spot, Blank Gallery, Shanghai, China (Group)
2023, A Path With Heart, The Split Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2023, Teach Me to Remember, Enari Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Duo)
2022, Johanna Bath, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, USA (Group)
2022, Johanna Bath, Gallery Nobel, Oslo, Norway (Group)
2021, Zweitausendeinundzwanzig, Ruam 55, Essen, Germany (Group)
2021, Johanna Bath, Haze Gallery, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2019, Johanna Bath, Part2Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany (Solo)