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Jiy Kang (b.1993, South Korea) is an illustrator and painter whose practice focuses on stories relating to ones dreams, emotions and imagination. Often inspired by the colour of emotion, Jiy looks to depict through her works representations of feelings and the exploration of relationships between internal and surrounding environments. Jiy lives and works in Seoul, South Korea.


BA, London College of Fashion, 2016-2019

Specialist Degree, Camberwell College of Arts, 2015-2016


2021, The Taste of Violet, Alterside, South Korea (Group)
2021, Unfamiliar Craft Art: New One Day, Artspace Aongpa, Seoul, South Korea (Group)
2020, The Mindfelt Object, Artspace Isaek, Seoul, South Korea (Solo)
2020, Portrait, CICA Art Musuem, Kimpo, South Korea (Group)
2020, Side By Side, Gasamrojieul, Seoul, South Korea (Group)
2020, Seoul International Illustration, KEPCO, Seoul, South Korea (Group)