Available Works


Ingrid Segring Björklund’s work channels emotions about past and future through wordless narratives. In her intuitive process focusing on material translations and transformations, she explores how boundaries dissolve and blend when things meet and become part of a communal story. In her way of intersecting the drawn, sculptural and painterly expressions, Segring Björklund plays with the potential of these interrelations in both concept and material performance.


BFA, Konstfack College of Arts and Crafts, 2018-2021


2022, Scratching The Velvet Sky, Nordiska Galleriet, Stockholm, Sweden (Group)
2022, Getting There Gradually, Tableau, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2022, Outside/In, Coulisse Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden (Group)
2022, Ung Svensk Form, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, etc., Sweden (Group)
2022, Metamorfose, Brorsons Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2022, Recent Graduates, Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, Sweden (Group)
2022, Ung Svensk Form, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm, Sweden (Group)
2021, Trä Art, Kulturgatan, Bodafors, Sweden (Group)
2021, Spring Salon, Konstfack, Sweden (Group)
2020, Slow Ribbons, Rietveld Uncut x Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Group)
2019, In Loving Memory, with Kristoffer Knudsen, Vita Havet, Konstfack, Sweden (Group)