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Iga Bielawska (b.1999, Poland) is a London based fine artist, addressing the notion of the female gaze through her exploration of female agency and sexuality. Drawing from her experience as a queer woman, Iga explores numerous female identities and perspectives, telling a visual story of the female experience that opposes the heteropatriarchal male gaze. Following centuries of objectification in depictions of women, Iga reimagines the female figure on her terms, where the subject is active within the narrative of the work, free from gendered voyeurism and spectatorship. Iga lives and works in London, UK.


BA, Central Saint Martins, 2019-2022


2022, This exhibition spotlights the young people fusing art and activism, Dazed

2022, Ever been told to stop being dramatic? This exhibition is subverting the “hysterical” label for women and marginalised genders, It's Nice That

2022, The Hysterical exhibition will remind us of the power in using art as a tool for advocacy, Diva Magazine


2022, Wilderness of Being, Curated by Cassandra Bowes, HdM Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2022, Hysterical, No Format Gallery, Deptford, London, UK (Group)
2022, Return To Flesh, The Room Gallery, Angel, London, UK (Group)
2022, ROE, Satellite Store, Peckham, London, UK (Group)