Available Works


Hiva Alizadeh (b.1989, Iran) began his career following the path of his father, an experimental filmmaker. Since then, Hiva has achieved a more synthesized and personal form of expression that combines new media inspired by the decorative tradition of carpet weaving typical of his region. The morphology of the Iranian landscape and the frequent visits of the artist in isolated areas of the country, lead Hiva to reproduce and reinterpret the colors of nature, using for his vibrant compositions strands of synthetic hair with bright colors. Another source of great inspiration for this artist is the stained glass windows of Persian mosques and the reflections of light they project onto the floor. Many other transfigured elements create a complex imaginary, with sophisticated coloristic weaves. The vaporous strands overlap and intersect, generating rhythms, voices and sounds of which the artist's perceptive background echoes. His works has been exhibited at numerous Iranian and European galleries. Hiva's work is held in private and public collections in Iran, Europe and USA.

Private Collections

Frederick R. Weisman Art Foundation, Los Angeles, USA
AkzoNobel Art Foundation, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sanatti Contemporary Art Museum, Kerman, Iran


2020, Volta Show Art Fair, The Flat, Massimo Carasi, NY, USA (Group)
2020, Art Rotterdam Fair, The Flat, Massimo Carasi, Netherlands, Amsterdam (Group)
2019, Nomads Chants, The Flat, Massiomo Carasi Gallery, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2019, Strangers in Town, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2019, Bienvenue Art Fair, Booth 1, The Flat Massimo Carasi, Paris, France (Group)
2019, ENTER Art Fair, Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (Group)
2019, Volta Show Art Fair, The Flat, Massimo Carasi, Basel, Switzerland (Group)
2018, Width Forty Length Fifty Five, Aknon Gallery, Esfahan, Iran (Solo)
2018, Thin Three-Dimensionality, The Flat Massimo Carasi, Milan, Italy (Group)
2018, Bienvenue Art Fair, The Flat Massimo, Carasi, Paris, France (Group)
2018, Selection of Contemporary Artists, ARIANA Gallery, Tehran, Iran (Group)
2017, Scenery, Shirin Contemporary Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (Solo)
2017, Play, - Shirin Contemporary Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (Solo)
2016, Ping and Pong, Shirin Contemporary Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (Solo)
2015, Mirror Calligraphy, Twenty Six Gallery, Tehran, Iran (Solo)
2015, Selected Sculptors Under Age of 35, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran (Group)
2013, Tree, Shahkaar Art Gallery, Kerman, Iran (Solo)
2012, Frams, Shahkaar Art Gallery, Kerman, Iran (Solo)