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Heather Drayzen (b.1985, USA) is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, New York. Drayzen holds a BFA from School of Visual Arts and a MAT from Rhode Island School of Design. She is continuing her education through the New York City Crit Club. Drayzen’s paintings are featured in Art Maze Magazine Issue 26 and the I Like Your Work Podcast 2022 Spring, Summer, and Fall Exhibition Catalogs.


MAT, Rhode Island School of Design, 2007-2008

BFA, School of Visual Arts New York, 2003-2007


2022, Episode 3, Visionary Art Collective

2022, Fall Exhibition Catalogue, I Like Your Work

2022, Issue 26, Art Maze Mag


2023, Forthcoming Two Person Show with My Pet Ram, My Pet Ram, New York, NY, USA (Solo)
2022, Reflecting Existence with Manifold Global, Moravian University's Payne Gallery, Bethlehem, PA, USA (Group)
2022, Works Presented by AucArt, United Kingdom, Online (Group)
2022, Revelations, Visionary Art Collective, Online (Group)
2022, Finding a Memory, I Like Your Work, Piano Craft Gallery, Boston, MA, USA (Group)
2022, Prince Street Gallery 14th Annual Juried Show, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2022, At the Party, I Like Your Work, curated by Jane Lawrence, Online (Group)
2022, Heatwave, Dodomu Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Online (Group)
2022, Through Mossy Ways, Curated by Marcela Florido, I Like Your Work Spring Exhibition, Online (Group)
2022, The Female Gaze, Manifold Global, Online (Group)
2022, 70th St. An Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture, Colnaghi, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2022, Advisor: Emily Sussman, Curated by Mickal Pokorny Adler (Group)
2022, One Year, Anniversary Show, MILCON Gallery, Online (Group)
2022, Home, Arts to Hearts Project, Online (Group)
2021, Have You Eaten?, The Yard: Williamsburg, NY, Curated by Sonja John, USA (Group)
2021, THE BIG SHOW!, My Pet Ram, New York, NY, USA (Group)
2021, Here nor there, MILCON Gallery, Online (Group)
2021, Heatwave, Dodomu Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Online (Group)
2021, Identity, Manifold Global, Online (Group)
2021, 30th Annual Juried Show, Bowery Gallery, New York, NY, Guest Juror: Clintel Steed, Online (Group)
2021, Mirror in the Dark, Visionary Art Collective, Curated by Jumana Williams, Online (Group)
2021, People Places Things: Project Gallery V, Guest Juror: Samantha Rippner, Online (Group)
2021, Sensations, MILCON Gallery, Online (Group)
2021, One in a Year, The Painting Center, New York, NY, Online (Group)
2021, Portraiture, Manifold Global, Online (Group)
2020, Landscapes, Manifold Global, Online (Group)
2020, Resonant Strangeness, Marram Arts, Online (Group)
2020, The Persistence of Creativity: Art During the Great Pause, Art Students League, New York, NY, Online (Group)
2019, Open Orange, Valley Arts Inc, Orange, NJ, USA (Group)
2018, Those Who Can, Teach, Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA, USA (Group)