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Heath Wae (b.1989, Australia) is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice depicts fragments of still life, mythology, strokes, scrawls and colour fields. Newman traveled intrepidly throughout Asia, settling in India for two years before moving to New York for another year. Amidst these contrasting experiences, Newman found inspiration in chaos, calmness, humanity and nature while continuing to explore his gentle practice. Inspired by the art of The Southern School in China and Japan and the art of making Bonsai, Newman draws on the concept of Literati: the scrawl of the drunken monk. Literati is a culture of art notably concerned with ink painting, splashes, calligraphic scrawls and minimalistic plant styling (bonsai). This culture of painting and the creation of bonsai were deep in philosophical subtext concerning the art of harmonious involvement with nature. Heath lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.


BA, University of Technology Sydney, 2007-2010

Diploma, Melbourne Guild of Fine Woodworking, 2011-2012


2019, Mens Issue , Russh Magazine

2019, Issue 13, Byron Arts Magazine

2019, The Sun Comes at Dawn/ Solis Occasum, The Wall Street Journal

2019, Somnium, Art Guide Australia


2019, The Pavilion of Dreams, Otomys Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia (Solo)
2019, Musk, Otomys Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia (Solo)
2019, Lottery in Babylon, Abstract Mag, NYC, USA (Solo)
2019, Nightshade in the Sun, Saint Cloche, Sydney, Australia (Solo)
2019, The Sun Comes at Dawn, The Dot Project, London, UK (Solo)
2019, Spring Fair, Otomys Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia (Group)
2018, Spirit Veil, Otomys Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia (Solo)
2018, Somnium, Otomys Contemporary, Melbourne, Australia (Solo)
2018, Casa, St. Cloche, Sydney, Australia (Group)
2018, Untitled, Brunswick Manufacturing Space, Melbourne, Australia (Group)
2013, Space/Light, Brooklyn Fireproof, NYC, USA (Group)
2012, New Works, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (Solo)
2011, Wood Is Good: Wood Is Ancient, Peloton Gallery, Sydney, Australia (Solo)
2010, Graduation Show, Sydney College of the Arts, Australia (Group)