Available Works


Hampus’ paintings lure us into another realm, a liminal space between our conscious and subconscious. We see everyday objects such as books, jackets, and body parts painted in glowing neon hues that remind us these objects are in fact not the objects we come across in our waking reality but something else, something more akin to magic. Born 1982 in Stenungsund, west Sweden, and after having spent at least ten thousand hours with an electric guitar and started a family, Hampus graduated from Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2021.


BA, Royal Institute of Art Stockholm, 2021


2022, Hampus Wernemyr på Issues Gallery, Konsten.net


2022, Hampus Wernemyr, ISSUES, Stockholm, Sweden (Solo)
2022, Hampus Wernemyr på Den Gyldene Freden, ISSUES, Den Gyldene Freden, Stockholm, Sweden (Solo)
2022, Hampus Wernemyr, ISSUES, Stockholm, Sweden (Solo)
2020, Tip-Tap, Galleri Mejan, Stockholm, Sweden (Solo)
2021, Downtown Issues, ISSUES, Stockholm, Sweden (Group)
2021, Stockholm Sessions, Carl Kostyál, Sweden (Group)
2019, Tempo Rustica, Bångska Våningen, Stockholm, Sweden (Group)