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Germán Bel Ferrándiz (b.1972, Spain) also known as Fasim is a self-taught painter. From a very early age, he started working in urban art, where he will be one of the pioneers of the Spanish scene. Henry Chalfant played an important role in Germán's career and will be a key piece in his later artistic development. Germán met Futura 2000 in Barcelona, from whom he learned the artistic creations on canvas and the beginning of urban art, today known as street art, in Europe. In 1992, the artist traveled to Paris to the studio of JonOne and the BadBC at the Hôpital éphémère where he lived for a few days and contemplated the process of creation on canvas and the emergence of urban art in art galleries. He also joined the 156allstarz group. Germán dwells within urban expressionism, although his current work is difficult to categorize. Germán lives and works in Valencia, Spain. To request additional works please contact specialist@aucart.com


2020, 101, Montana Gallery Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2018, Rue Barcelona, Galerie Deux6, Paris, France (Group)
2018, Fasim, Down By Law, Linea6 Backstore Gallery, Mallorca, Spain (Solo)
2017, On/Off: Cuando el graffiti salta del muro, El Paracaidista, Durán Online Gallery, Madrid, Spain (Group)
2017, Connection Lines, Creative Debuts, The Black & White Building, London, UK (Group)
2017, Vente aux enchères de Street Art, Ginebra-Suiza, Galartis, Switzerland (Group)
2017, Utopies Urbaines #2, Galerie Amarrage, Paris, France (Group)
2017, Graff en Méditerranée, MuCEM Musée des civilisations et de la Méditerranée, Marseille, France (Group)
2016, Road to Mukono, FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain), Paris, France (Group)
2016, Road to Mukono, Swinton & Grant Gallery, Madrid, Spain (Group)
2016, Distortions, Red Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2015, Barcelona Mia, Galerie Celal, Paris, France (Group)
2015, By Our Own Rules, The Bronx Museum Of The Arts Lower Gallery, 156Allstarz 30th Anniversary, NYC, USA (Group)
2014, Montana Colors 20 Años 20 Escritore, Montana Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2014, MED Street Art, Imaginart* Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2014, Johnny Paint Me Motherfucker, Espacio California, Sevilla, Spain (Group)
2013, Ephemeral Mural, Elche, Blacklab 22, Pintura Mural en Directo y Exposición, Spain (Group)
2013, FART Urban Art Festival, Studio Store, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2013, Ginebra, Calaver’Arts Deuxieme Édition, Spain (Group)
2013, Cuadros Colgados de un Gancho, Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Granada, Spain (Group)
2012, Espanish Conexion, High Roller Society Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2012, Calaverarts, The Square, Switzerland (Group)
2012, Cabezas/Heads, La Minúscula, Valencia, Spain (Group)
2012, Straight From The Underground, Elche/Valencia, BlackLab22, Spain (Group)
2012, Homenaje a Moebius, MTN Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2012, Keith Haring Memorándum, TheGallery Pro, Hotel Barceló Raval, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2012, Crónicas de Pueblo Nuevo, Niu Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2011, Subculture II, SC Gallery Bilbao, Spain (Group)
2011, Exit 10 Años Dejando Huella, A&D Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2011, Exit 10 Años Dejando Huella, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2011, I was here!, Mtn Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2011, Niu 5,5, Niu Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2010, Art Transit, Mtn Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2010, Stop Victims War, Pl. Del Tossal, Valencia, Spain (Group)
2010, ReVelión, SC Gallery, Bilbao, Spain (Solo)
2009, Raíces, Montana Gallery, Suso 33 y Rosh, Sevilla, Spain (Group)
2007, The Jacket Battle, Niu Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2006, Pintures Salvatges des de La Makabra, Niu Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2004, 39 Artistas del Graffiti Sobre Lienzo, Iguapop Gallery, Barcelona, Spain (Group)
2003, Expo Kosmopolite París, Taxi Gallery, Paris, France (Group)