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Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk is a Dutch contemporary artist. Her creative path began with liquid pigments and a brush, but as life so often does, her path took her away from painting. In claiming space for her creative practice, Gemmy picked up a camera and started experimenting - “This became a way for me to paint again.” Through the manipulation of light and pixels, Gemmy began creating work that exists somewhere in-between painting and photography. What happened to be the lighting conditions of 17th century, has become an aesthetic that layers velvet colours across a canvas of deep shadow and glinting highlights to create an image full of shadow, light, with a beautiful stillness in between. “Beauty, for me, is to create an image where all the elements melt and then come together solidly''. Gemmy lives and works in Oosterhout, Netherlands.


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2018, It's All About Beauty, Art Market Mag

2018, The dance of Amor Vincit Omnia 2, Vogue