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Gabriele La Teana (b.1990, Italy) was born in Scandiano, Italy and moved to Milan, Italy at the age of 4. From an early age he felt a strong attraction towards drawing and writing on walls. He soon eventually came into contact with the world of graffiti in 2009, the year in which, without reason, he completely abandoned that environment. Although depression had hit Gabriele harder than ever, he found comfort through his hands on canvas - initially as a joke which turned to necessity. From there, it was as if Gabriele was absorbed in a bubble pouring out all his suffering, hatred, fear on canvases and sheets. Over time, Gabriele became aware of the means and how to use them, refining his own style. In each of his works, we can see the suffering of the artist, who with decisive, sharp brushstrokes almost seems to be fighting with the canvas. With orderly chaos, Gabriele seems to be trying to put his thoughts in order. With his distressing figures, he tries to bring out his demons. Up to the current awareness that depression is part of him and will forever be part of him, but now he has a means with which to learn to live with. Art has saved Gabriele's life and he repays it by giving him his life back.


2021, Gigarte, Catalogo d’asta Gigarte

2020, Issue #5, ArtNow


2023, Contemporary art Auction, Santos Lisboa Leiloes, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Group)
2023, Pennisi Art & NFT Gallery, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2022, Exhibition, Hush Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey (Solo)
2022, Imperfeita Collective, Coletivo 284, Lisboa, Portugal (Group)
2022, Innsbruck Art Fair, Innsbruck, Austria (Group)
2021, Sexuelle Pflicht, Naples Italy (Solo)
2021, Collective, Passepartout Gallery, Milan, Italy (Group)
2021, Venice International Art Fair, Venice Italy (Group)
2021, Collective, Galleria Barattolo, Rome, Italy (Group)
2021, Contemporary Art Fair of Forlì, Venice, Italy (Group)
2020, PassepARTout, Unconventional Art Gallery, Milan, Italy (Group)
2020, Storie, MACA Contemporary Art Museum of Alcamo, Alcamo, Italy (Solo)
2020, Collective, Area Contesa Gallery, Rome, Italy (Group)
2020, Nazionale Budapest, Galleria Pinter, Ungheria, Budapest (Group)
2019, Art Mall, Milan, Italy (Solo)
2019, Spazio Porpora, Milan Collective Show, Italy (Group)
2019, Art Mall, Milan, Italy (Group)
2019, IAT Art Gallery, Bologna, Italy (Group)
2018, Galleria Merlino, Firenze, Italy (Group)
2018, Galleria Bocca, Milan, Italy (Group)