Available Works


Francisco Valenca Vaz (b. 1996, Brazil) is a visual artist whose practice explores the effect of media and language borders through its different transactions. By focusing on the use of painting gestures over sculptures and surfaces, Francisco falls in-between two mediums as an attempt to provoke the observer to understand its dimensions of meaning and disturbed space. Francisco currently lives and works in Bremen, Germany.


BA, University of the Arts Bremen, 2016


2019, Rosa Barba Klasse, University of the Arts Bremen, Germany (Group)
2019, Remote Patch Bremen, Sphere, Bismarckstraße 106, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2019, 12 Heise Kunstpreis, Heise Karl-Heinz Stiftung, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany (Group)
2019, Westentasche, Galerie des Westens GaDeWe, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2019, Hausbesuch mit Ele Hermel, Projekt Galerie Mitte, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2019, #9d725b mit Achim Bertenburg, Tor40 Güterbahnhof, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2019, MONTAGE AM DIENSTAG , Montagehalle, HBK Braunschweig, Germany (Group)
2019, aRaum, Galerie mit ASta Universität Bremen & ZwischenZeitZentrale, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2019, Rundgan, University of the Arts Bremen, Germany (Group)
2019, Home Work, Überall in der Stadt, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2018, Look I´m Right Over There, Schauburg Kino Gmbh, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2018, A_Sample, Schwarzen Meer Galerie, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2018, Das Rätsel der Freiheit, Seminarraum Focke Museum, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2018, Christian Haake und Francisco Valenca Vaz, Temporary Space, Vor dem Steintor 124, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2018, Rundgang, HfK Bremen, Germany (Group)
2017, Useful Surface, Galerie Humboldt Schlüter E.V, Bremen, Germany (Group)
2017, Rundgang, HfK Bremen, Germany (Group)
2016, Teilnahme am Hochschuletage, Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen, Ottersberg, Germany (Group)
2016 ,Going for Culture, Cultural Center Vidal Correia de Araujo, Recife, Brasil (Group)
2016, Relampago Intinerante, Reisender Blitz, Brasil (Group)