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Favour Jonathan is a multidisciplinary artist born in Benin City Nigeria, a place widely known for its production of Bronze artifacts and sculptures which were created by the Idumwun-igun-nugboha bronze guild families, living at Sakpomba road Benin. This is an area familiar to Jonathan as she grew up within the culture and has developed a practice which utilises some of the techniques with an interest in metal and representation. Jonathan gained BA Honours in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (CSM) in London and it was during her studies that she developed an interest in the gaze from a western perspective and definition of Fine art from an African creative lens. Her works are culturally stimulated creations, which operate as representations of her understanding of the world and consider how they can motivate young people in recognising their strength through art processes. A method and passion which she developed whilst studying and working at CSM. Jonathan is currently undertaking a sculpture residency at Legge Residency in Lewisham. She has exhibited as part of the RA Summer Show 2018, as well as Lagos Biennial, 198 Gallery, BBZ BLACK BOOK, Copeland Gallery. Jonathan currently lives and works in London, UK.