Available Works


Ella Uzan (b.1984, Israel) is a contemporary visual artist whose photos endeavour to transmit a particular atmosphere and emotional impact. She looks to achieve these qualities through the use of different combinations of lights, colours and classic manipulation techniques developed over the years of her practice. Ella lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.


BA, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, 2005-2009


2019, Festival Circulations, Paris, France (Group)
2019, SAJM, Cape Town, Africa (Group)
2019, The National Portrait Benefit Auction, Hiege Stifrung Against Skin Cancer, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2018, Gindi, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2017, The National Portrait Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2016, , Casa Nova, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)
2016, NEGIOT, Jaffa Salon of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (Group)