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Diego Palacios (b.1983, Chile) is a contemporary visual artist whose practice looks to bring the real world back into the arts, guiding his choice of subject matter and leaving traces of this transmission through his canvases. Flirting with both the 17th and 21st centuries, Diego's thoughtful and handcrafted work is unique and somewhat subversive for today's guidelines. Diego lives and works in Leipzig, Germany.


2020, Diego Palacios Interview: The Oil Painter’s Artistic Technique, Beautiful Bizarre

2020, Archive 02, Saint Maison

2020, Voice of Artists Issue 11, Artit

2020, A Modern Day Rembrandt, LoveLoveMagazine

2020, Discover Ones to Watch - Interview with Diego Palacios, Artit

2020, Kulturtipp TV Clip Stilles Leben Austellung, Affenfaust Gallerie

2019, Voice of Artists Issue 8, Artit

2019, Kulturtipp TV Clip F**ake Austellung, Xpon Art Gallerie Hamburg

2018, Artweekend Leipzig Special, Talking About Art

2018, Wer die Welt erfahren will, hat sich ihr auszusetzen, LVZ Article


2020, Five and Under, Arcadia Contemporary, Pasadena, USA (Group)
2020, An Online Art Show, Good Mother Gallery, SF, USA (Group)
2020, Stilles Leben, Affenfaust Galerie, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2019, Rotary Club Charity Auction, Deloitte, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2019, F**ake, X-PON Art Gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2019, This is W, Mario Kreuzberg Gallery, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2019, Discovery Art Fair, Cologne, Germany (Group)
2018, Schönes Unbehagliches Schuldgefühl, Wahlkreis Kulturbüro Die Linke, Germany (Group)
2018, Accrochage, Ely Dobritz Gallery, Leipzig, Germany (Group)
2018, Herbstrundgang, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany (Group)
2018, Summer Heat, Spinnerei, Leipzig, Germany (Group)
2018, Leipzig in Hamburg, Greskewitz Kleinitz gallery, Hamburg, Germany (Group)
2018, Rundgang Spinnerei All You Can Eat, LIA, Leipzig, Germany (Group)
2016, Trois Peintres, Salle socio-culturelle Papillon, Rhone-Alpes, France (Group)
2016, Solstice, Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, France (Group)
2015, Portes Ouvertes, La Vache Bleue Quai de l'Oise, Paris, France (Group)
2014, Southside Studios, Glasgow, Scotland (Group)