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David Serpetti (b.1990, Italy) explores three main elements through his artistic practice. His works evolve around levels of intensity derived from notions of the Hero,the Sculpture and the Beast.
The arch of many myths depict the defeat of the beast by the hero.
According to Carl G. Jung, freedom is best achieved when one conquers the shadow and accepts it. The prominence of image-sharing platforms, plays an important role in David's research.
By depicting the contrast between unique physical forms that has been devaluated in modern society, David is able to investigate its relationship to mass shared imagery currently shaping the mainstream concepts of beauty and aesthetics. David lives and works in l'Aquila, Italy.


MFA, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent, 2014-2016

BFA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti, 2009-2012


2019, Pittura Lingua Viva, Artribune


2020, L’altra Individualità, Andrea Tinterri, Luca Zuccala and Domenico Russo, State Of, Milan, Italy (Group)
2020, SAxREMO IN TANTI, VIR Viafarini-in-residence, Milan, Italy (Group)
2020, Noccioline #8, Yellow, Tortoreto, Italy (Group)
2019, Resistenze, Palazzo dell’Emiciclo, L’Aquila-Earthquake Decennial, L’Aquila, Italy (Solo) 
2019, VIR ViaFarini-in-Residence, Non Tutti i Limoni Stanno Bene Col Pesce, Milan (Italy)
2019, Forme Uniche Nella Continuità Dello Spazio, Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo, Italy (Group)
2019, Simposio di Pittura, Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, San Cesario di Lecce, Italy (Group)
2019, Il sol, Che le Mie Notti Aggiorna, Yellow ArtVerona, Italy (Group)
2019, Scuola di Santa Rosa, Toast Project Space, ArtVerona, Italy (Group)
2018, Reload, Residenza Museo, Italy (Solo)
2018, Museo Civico San Domenico, Imola, Italy (Solo)
2018, KHERO, Il Crepaccio Ànimali, Spazio 16Civico, Pescara, Italy (Solo)
2018, Simposio di Pittura, Fondazione Lac o Le Mon, San Cesario di Lecce, Italy (Group)
2018, Estamporanea Play, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Trebisonda, Italy (Group)
2018, Dove l’Acqua Riposa, Spazio T24, Italy (Group)
2017, ArteFiera, Galleria Giuseppe Pero, Bologna, Italy (Group)
2016, L’Invisibile, Galleria Giuseppe Pero , Milan, Italy (Group)
2016, Galleria Giuseppe Pero, Verona, Italy (Group) 
2015, What Is Your Poision?, Croxhapox, Ghent - HEADS, Yellow Space, Varese, Italy (Group)
2015, ArteFiera Galleria Giuseppe Pero, Bologna, Italy (Group)
2015, Graduation Show, KASK, Ghent, Belgium (Group)
2015, Komask Prize, Master Salon, Opening, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium (Group)
2015, Komask Prize, Master Salon, Le Grand Cutius, Liège (Group) 
2014, #PITTURA, Galleria Giuseppe Pero, Milan, Italy (Group)
2014, ArtVerona, Galleria Giuseppe Pero, Verona, Italy (Group)
2014, Don’t Steal My Moment, KASK School of Arts Gent and Kunstakademie Dusseldorf, Belgium (Group)
2013, Amore Mio, Flash Art Event, Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Milan, Italy (Group)
2013, COBALTO40, Il Crepaccio, Milan, Italy (Group)
2012, Barbarie, Viafarini DOCVA, Milan, Italy (Group) 
2010, Not Feeling At Home, Galleria Artra, Milan, Italy (Group)