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Dannielle Hodson (b.1980, UK) is a contemporary visual artist whose works reflect the cycles of life, contemporary identity and what it is to be 'I'. Through her exploration of psychological cubism, Dannielle intertwines figures of animals, vegetables and the notion of deconstruction and regeneration. Dannielle lives and works in London, UK.


MA, Central Saint Martins, 2001


2019, Empire II, Oaxaca in association with the Museo de Arte (Group)
2019, Contemporaraneo de Oaxaca, Mexico (Group)
2019, Miniscule, Cross Land Projects, Kendall (Group)
2019, Face to Face, London contemporary Art Auction, Warsaw, Poland (Group)
2019, Miniscule, in association with Cross Lane Projects, Venice, Italy (Group)
2019, Allbright Female Members Club, Mayfair, London, UK (Group)
2018, Empire II at Tallinn Art Week, Haus Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2018, Outside In: Journeys, Sotheby’s, London, UK (Group)
2017, Badenfahrt Festival, Switzerland (Group)
2017, Empire II, Poppositions, Brussels Art Week; Venice Biennale, Italy (Group)
2017, Spektrum, Berlin, Germany (Group)
2017, Provincial Project Space, Kendal, UK (Group)
2017, Tate Exchange, An Art School/ Annihilation event/prototype, London, UK (Group)
2016, Big Deal No. 10, Q Carpark, London, UK (Group)
2016, National Open Art Competition, Winner of Roy Pace Moving Image award, Mercers Hall, London, UK (Group)
2016, Lights of Soho, Soho, London, UK (Group)
2016, 10 years of Outside In, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, UK (Group)
2016, Root of New, Botanical Gardens Moscow, Russia (Group)
2016, CGP Open, CGP gallery, London. Commendation received from curator Marcia Farquhar (Group)
2015, Gloverall - Art On a Postcard, Hepatitis C Trust, Soho Revue Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2015, Lights of Soho, Open curated by Robert Montgomery, UK (Group)
2015, Art as Opportunity, Made Corrections, Mother Gallery/ Jeremy Deller, UK (Group)
2015, Fall of the Rebel Angels, Independent Show, Venice Biennale (Group)
2014, Sanderson Hotel, Resident Artist/ Window painting instillation, London, UK (Group)
2014, Factual Nonsense - A Fate Worse Than Death, Red Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2013, The Year Of The Horse, Q Car Park, London, UK (Group)
2013, Big Deal No. 5, Cavendish Square Car Park, London, UK (Group)
2013, Outside in Chelsea, Pallant House Gallery collaboration, London, UK (Group)
2013, One In Four Charity Auction, Royal Academy, London, UK (Group)
2013, Harvey Nichols, Curation and Installation in Men’s Lab, London, UK (Group)
2011, Elle/ Reiss T-Shirt Competition Winner, Nationwide distribution, UK (Group)
2011, The Box, London, Art Installation/ Wall Mural, UK (Group)
2011, Bainbridge Studios, Contemporary Print Making, London, UK (Group)
2011, Somerset House, London Fashion Week, London, UK (Group)
2010, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, London, UK (Solo)