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Chris Gilvan-Cartwright (b. 1966 England) is a visual artist whose practice operates as a hermetic portal between an instinctive inner and outer reality as if operating as a pineal body. Chris invents painted narratives involving corporeal figures, holy men or hermits falling or about to fall apart in a state of reverie, occupying preternatural abstract landscapes and stage sets referencing Northern European medieval paintings such as Geertgen tot Sint Jans and Joachim Patinir. Chris lives and works in East Sussex, UK.


MA, Turps Art School, 2017-2019

MA, University of Brighton, 2000-2002

BA, Academy of Fine Art Cracow, 1990-1992

BA, Central Saint Martins, 1985-1988


2019, Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2019 Review – A Vintage Year For Emerging Artists, The Guardian


2020, FBA Futures Mall Galleries, London, UK (Group)
2019, Glyndebourne Opera House, Between Worlds, East Sussex, UK (Solo)
2019, Bloomberg New Contemporaries, Leeds City Gallery/South London Gallery, UK (Group)
2019, Turps Painters: Studio Painting Programme Show, London, UK (Group)
2019, A Raw Garden, Fitzrovia Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2019, Prologue, Offshoot Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2019, Paint: The Seen, The Unseen And The Imagined, Messums Wiltshire Contemporary European Painting, London, UK (Group)
2018, , Flowers Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2018, Set 24 Turps Painters, The Art Academy, London, UK (Group)
2015, Wet and Dry, Observer Building Hastings, London, UK (Group)
2014, Contemporary British Painting 42 Painters, Marylebone London, UK (Group)
2014, The Winter Garden, James Freeman Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2014, The Baron Gilvan, James Freeman Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2014, Sisters of Hera, Tenuta Dello Scompiglio Residency, Lucca Italy (Group)
2014, Hastings-Museums at Night, Jerwood Gallery, UK (Group)
2013, Landscapes, Pertwee Anderson Gold Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2013, Brighton ’32 Paintings, Phoenix Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2012, Untitled, Royal Academy Summer Show, London, UK (Group)
2012, South East Open, Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, London, UK (Group)
201, Quay Arts, Isle of Wight – Foolish Romantics, Michael West Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2009, Remembered Landscapes, Long and Ryle Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2006, Hare Sprayed Streams, Contemporary Art Projects, London, UK (Solo)
2006, Prawn Biennale, East West Gallery, London, UK (Solo)
2005, Greetings From Another Place, East West Gallery, London, UK (Solo)
2002, Land Light Fantastic, East West Gallery, London, UK (Solo)
2000, In the Spiritual Landscape, East West Gallery, London, UK (Solo)