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Brandon Yuan (b.1996, USA) is a contemporary visual artist whose works depict abstracted elements expressing an intense visual gravity with an appreciation of precise mechanical craftsmanship. His high contrast images of complex engines contain intake pipes, fuel lines, and intercooler piping similar to that of industrial objects. The representational element in Brandon's paintings are important to his practice, keeping the image interesting and achieving the perfect balance between fast-decisions and precision. Brandon lives and works in Beijing, China.


BA, Maryland Institute College of Art, 2015-2019


2019, Art Walk, 1300 W Mt Royal Ave, Baltimore, USA (Group)
2019, Graduates Art Fair, Shanghai Exhibition Center, Shanghai, China (Group)
2019, Graduates Art Fair Guangzhou, Nan Fung International Convention Center, Guangzhou, China (Group)
2019, Xingnian Art Fair, Chateau Star River, No.3799 Duhui Road, Minhang, Shanghai, China (Group)
2019, Meiyu Encountering 8th Exhibition of Postgraduate, CAFA, Central Academy of Fine Arts Main building, Huajiadi south No.8, Beijing, China (Group)
2017, MICA Sophomore GFA, Main 320 Gallery, Baltimore, USA (Group)
2017, CAFA No.4 Ceramic & Printmaking Exhibition, Gallery No.4 Beijing, China (Group)
2014, No Time for Breakfast, Yuanfenflow Gallery 798 Art District, Beijing, China (Group)