Available Works


Benjamin Pearey (b.1995, UK) is a British ceramicist whose energetic and experimental practice explores influenced from the day-to-day visual experiences of the rhythms and patterns of local urban landscapes, to more intimate, introspective sources. Benjamin prefers to work quickly, allowing his intuition to guide him, generally completing the greenware stage of each slab within hours. As such the influences of different works often only reveal themselves upon reflection, becoming indicative of Benjamin's mindset, mood or experiences of specific days in life. Benjamin lives and works in London, UK.


2019, Play, AIR Gallery, Manchester, UK (Group)
2019, Metamorphosis, Cluster, London, UK (Group)
2019, Rising Stars, New Ashgate Gallery, Farnham, UK (Group)
2019, Play! Design, International New Designer Exhibition, Beijing, China (Group)
2018, New Horizons, Coast Gallery, Zuhai, China (Group)
2018, Graduation Show, UCA Farnham, UK (Group)
2017, Exhibition, ISCAEE, London, UK (Group)
2016, UCA Farnham GCJM, Crafts Study Centre, Farnham, UK (Group)
2015, RAW, Kensington and Chelsea College, London, UK (Group)
2013, Firing Up, British Ceramics Biennial, London, UK (Group)