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Ben Cullen Williams (b.1988, UK) is a British artist whose practice consists of sculptures, installations, photography, video and collaborative projects. In his work he explores mankind’s relationship to the world in a rapidly changing environment, focusing on issues such as liminality, the global, local and personal, and the Anthropocene. He investigates how related spatial typologies can be understood as a physical manifestation of the human condition. He draws on a range of fabrication processes, whether physical or digital, to understand our phenomenological relationship to the material world in an unsettled age. His work has been shown internationally in a range of spaces, galleries and environments and has featured in collaborations in a range of different disciplines and fields. His work operates on a range of scales, from human-sized to those of architectural proportions. Ben lives and works between London and New York.


MA, Royal College of Art, 2011-2013

MA, University of Edinburgh, 2007-2011


2019, Ben Cullen Williams’ installation repurposes the code from Wayne McGregor’s Living Archive, It's Nice That

2019, Ben Cullen Williams On Investigating How A Computer Would Dance, It's Nice That

2019, How predictive analytics can change our notion of beauty, Frame

2017, How the human genome inspired this Ben Cullen Williams atmospheric set, Frame

2018, Engaging with viewers through light, space and form, YCN