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Bella Newman (b.1999, USA) is an American visual artists whose practice comes from a desire to position herself on the boundaries of reality. Her works reflect ideas of other realms, surrounded by mystical beings and folkloric entities, manifested through a fixation on nature and the human condition. Through film and photography, Bella combines the use of literature and imagery to recontextualize observations of a deepened story. She is influenced by her upbringing in a rural suburban town in, depicting the years where her artistic practice had developed a sense of “selfhood” conjured throughout her works. Bella lives and works in Pennsylvania, USA.


BA, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, 2017-2020


2020, Photographer Bella Newman’s Quarantine Diary Is a Strangely Beautiful Tribute to Her Inner Child, Vogue

2016, Girlgaze Contest Winner Bella Newman, Teen Vogue