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Bálint Álovits (b. 1987, Hungary) is a visual artist who
mainly works in the photographic genre. He gained his BA in
Photography from the Budapest Metropolitan University in 2014. His
initial works were highly influenced by modern architecture and the
Düsseldorf School of Photography. He graduated from Central Saint
Martins in 2019 with an MA in Photography & Philosophy. Since his
MA studies, he has been experimenting with installation art beside
his photographic works. His work has been shown internationally
through group shows, auctions and art fairs in Budapest, London,
New York, Milan and Chile and in various magazines and online
publications worldwide. Bálint lives and works in London, UK.


MA, Central Saint Martins, 2017-2019

BA, Budapest Metropolitan University, 2010-2014


2020, Central Saint Martins: Ein Jahrbuch der besonderen Art dokumentiert den Stil der Studierenden an der berühmten Modeschule, Vogue


2020, Intimate Portraits of Saint Martins’ Wild and Wonderful Young Talents, Dazed

2020, The Everyday People of Central Saint Martins: Portraits That Define Fashion's Next Generation, Love Magazine

2020, Central Saint Martins: Ein Jahrbuch der besonderen Art dokumentiert den Stil der Studierenden an der berühmten Modeschule, Vogue

2020, Intimate portraits of Saint Martins’ Wild and Wonderful Young Talents, Dazed

2020, Issue#8 Tim Walker, Beauty Papers

2020, Central Saint Martins Students Captured in Intimate Portrait Series, Hypebeast

2018, Infinite Spiralling Staircases in Budapest Captured in Photography by Balint Alovits, Dezeen

2018, How 10 Artists See the Environment Around Them, Format

2018, Bálint Álovits Acclimate, Gup Magazine

2018, Humanity and Nature in Iceland, Fubiz

2018, Time Machine Ile Merdivenlerde Sonsuzluk!, Marie Claire Maison

2018, Bálint Álovits Acclimate, Phroom Magazine

2018, Acclimate by Bálint Álovits , Noice Magazine

2018, I paesaggi lunari di Balint Alovits in Acclimate, Artwort

2018, Bálint Álovits Shows Us How the Human Being is Adaptable and Iridescent, C 41 Magazine

2018, Bálint Álovits, Aint Bad

2018, Bálint Álovits Explores the Co-Existence of Man and Nature in his Latest Series, Plain Magazine

2017, Explore Budapest's Art Deco and Bauhaus Staircases Through This Photo Series, Arch Daily

2017, Time Machine by Bálint Álovits, Ignant

2017, The World's Most Daring Staircases Are In This European City, Architectural Digest

2017, Organic Curves – Bauhaus Stairs of Budapest #1 – Classics Remodeled in ARCHICAD, ARCHICAD

2017, Bauhaus-Influenced Staircases of Budapest by Bálint Álovits, Plain Magazine

2017, Time Machine: Swirling photographs of Bauhaus and Art Deco staircases in Budapest, Creative Boom

2017, Bálint Álovits Captures Budapest's Bauhaus-Influenced Staircases, Design Boom

2017, Kortárs átalakítások és bővítések Londonban, Gutowski Robert, a Hild-villa megújulása, MTA Humán Tudományok Kutatóháza, Octogon Magazine

2017, Explore Budapest’s Bauhaus Staircases with Photographer Bálint Álovits, Calvert Journal

2017, Hypnotizing Images of Budapest’s Spiral Staircases, My Modern Me3t


2019, Acclimate, TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2019, Light, TOBE Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2019, Degree Show One: Art, Central Saint Martins, London, UK (Group)
2019, Talking Point, Lethaby Gallery, London, UK (Group)
2019, Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London, UK (Group)
2018, Scale, New Budapest Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2018, The Vernacular of Landscape, Usagi, NY, USA (Group)
2018, Neo Norte, Fundación Cultural Providencia, Santiago, Chile (Group)
2018, Summer Show - Carrie Able Gallery x Float Photo, Carrie Able Gallery, NY, USA (Group)
2018, Piña, Pegazus, Szentbékkálla, Hungary (Group)
2018, The Vernacular Of Landscape, Subjectively Objective, Detroit, USA (Group)
2018, Playground, Pegazus, Szentbékkálla, Hungary (Group)
2018, Appetite: CSM Interim Show, Apiary Studios, London, UK (Group)
2018, Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London, UK (Group)
2017, Time Machine, Code Showroom, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2014, BKF Degree Show, Bálna, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2014, BKF Selection, Gogol 9 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2013, Budapest, X6 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2012, Firsts, Hungarian House of Photography, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2011, József Pécsi Pharaphrases, A38, Budapest, Hungary (Group)
2010, The Creative Promise of The Year, Millenaris, Budapest, Hungary (Group)