Available Works


Arthur Peña (b.1982, USA) is an American artist whose ongoing body of work titled Attempt centre around fluid narratives which echo the ebbs and flows of objective situations, personal relationships and psychological stability. Arthur's imagery features a narrative driven vignettes populated by isolated and disembodied figures, potentially under physical and emotional duress. Formal elements and compositions are culled from his personal images, scenes or ideas, some not just reflections from Arthur himself but all inescapable in their potency. Each painting represents a dramatic unfolding and revealing of an ephemeral strangeness that feels familiar and distant while refusing to give up their distinct plots. Arthur lives and works in NYC, USA.


MFA, Rhode Island School of Design, 2010-2012

BFA, University of North Texas, 2005-2009


2019, Attempts, Spring Break Art Show, NYC, USA (Solo)
2018, Deep Sleep, Couple’s Counseling, NYC, USA (Solo)
2017, EXPO Chicago International Art Fair, Chicago, USA (Solo)
2017, A Place for Everything, No Time for Nothing, NorthPark Centre, Texas, USA (Solo)
2016, Endless, Nameless, Experimental Musical, Nasher Sculpture Center & Reading Room, Texas, USA (Solo)
2016, Cult of Color, Circuit 12, Texas, USA (Group)
2015, The Wants and Needs of a Fearful Life, Latino Cultural Centre, Texas, USA (Solo)
2015, Soliloquy, The Public Trust, Texas, USA (Solo)
2015, Sharp Clouds - Magic Eyes Arthur Peña + Tom Orr, Box 13, Texas, USA (Group)
2015, Layering, SITE 131, Texas, USA (Group)
2015, Black & White, Eugene Binder Gallery, Texas, USA (Group)
2015, Generator, ADA Gallery, Richmond, USA (Group)
2015, PRTY PPL, Circuit 12, Texas, USA (Group)
2014, Don’t Wake Up , This Friday or Next Friday, NYC, USA (Solo)
2014, Nothing Lasts, Ruby Room, Texas, USA (Solo)
2014, Slight Shift, Steady Hand, Dallas Contemporary Museum, Texas, USA (Solo)
2014, Face Melt, Circuit 12, Texas, USA (Group)
2014, One Night Stand, Barry Whistler Gallery, Texas, USA (Group)
2013, Paintings Are Objects…and Possibly People, RE Gallery, Texas, USA (Solo)
2013, Grind Stone - Arthur Peña + Sean Pearson, Et Al Projects, NYC, USA (Group)
2013, Acceleration, Dallas Contemporary, Texas, USA (Group)
2013, Construction_ Site, University of Texas at Dallas, Texas, USA (Group)
2013, Working Space, Mountain View College, Texas, USA (Group)
2013, Amarillo Entropy, The Power Station, Texas, USA (Group)
2013, Texas Biennial Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum / San Antonio, TX
2013, Boom Town, Dallas Museum of Art, Texas, USA (Group)
2013, TwentyThirteen, TwentyTwentyThree The Space, NYC, USA (Group)
2013, Surface and Mark, El Centro College, Texas, USA (Group)
2012, Ever, Always, Elsewhere, Oliver Francis Gallery, Texas, USA (Solo)
2012, All Saints, Gallery 102, CraneArts, Philadelphia, PA, USA (Group)
2012, Temperature, Projeckt 722, NYC, USA (Group)
2012, Stamina, Work·Detroit, University of Michigan, Detroit, USA (Group)
2012, Beef, Angstrom Gallery, Texas, USA (Group)
2012, RISD MFA PAINTING, 532 Gallery Thomas Jaeckel, NYC, USA (Group)
2012, Present /Future: A Showcase of Emerging Artist, Concord Arts Association, Concord, USA (Group)
2012, Black and Blue, 396 Gallery, Catskills, NYC, USA (Group)
2011, Collision, RISD Museum of Art, Providence, USA (Group)
2010, SAIC Thesis Show, Sullivan Gallery, Chicago, USA (Group)